I started to learn taïjiquan in 1998. It's in September 1999 that I started to follow Gilles Thibault's courses and I have continued since then. I have more than 15 000 hours of practice. I've learned and consolidated the 11, the 24 and the 108 Postures. I studied the 6 and the13 Postures and I am still learning the 127 Postures. I participate at all the intensive summer and winter courses that l'École de Taïjiquan Gilles Thibault offers ( www.t-j-q.com ). I particularly appreciate the Qi courses, that permit me to enrich considerably the taïjiquan postures.

I started to teach in 2001 and, since then, I've had the pleasure of sharing my passion with more than 300 groups.

I like to discover new postures. I love to rediscover a posture under a new light. I really love the different Qi, breathing and relaxation techniques that support the postures. I'm always delighted to see a student progress at her/his own pace. I'm many times touched by a student's sparkling eyes when she/he has just felt the movement. It is the pleasure of taïjiquan that made me plunge into it and it is the constantly renewed pleasure that pushes me to explore it unflaggingly. .

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