Taïjiquan is known for it's slow movements. The series of postures show the visible part of taïjiquan, but in reality, taïjiquan is much more than movements. It is an art that combines relaxation, breathing techniques, Qi (vital energy) and Qigong exercices.

Taïjiquan is a soft, progressive and complete technique that has nothing to do with competition or performance. Taïjiquan suits everybody, no matter the initial physical condition. It is a technique that respects one's limits and it could even encourage people to change their discomforts slowly but surely.

Taïjiquan brings many benefits. It reduces stress and it favours a better coordination and balance. The breathing exercices and the relaxation techniques have a great influence on the nervous system, on sleep and on breathing in general. Taïjiquan is easily transposable in everyday life and we quickly notice how it's practice affects our lives positively!

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