I am a massotherapist specialized in Therapeutic Shiatsu since 2003.

I have completed more than 1000 hours of courses. I also deepened my knowledge by following different specialized courses. Moreover, I've extended my studying of shiatsu by assisting my teachers for more than 500 hours.

Since 2006, I teach Shiatsu (level 1) and Therapeutic Shiatsu (level 2). I have the pleasure and the privilege of teaching shiatsu at Guijek where I did my training. Also, I occasionally give workshops in shiatsu in different schools across Quebec.

I like to work on a futon on the ground. I love shiatsu's fluidity, it's suppleness and adaptability. I am always delighted when a person observes changes in her/his discomforts. I'm many times touched by a person who realizes things that bring her/him towards a greater autonomy and towards well-being. For me, shiatsu is a unique approach that favours contact with oneself by the medium of the body. It's an incomparable approach which the depth surprises me constantly.

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